The Company

Signature Photography Inc has been in business for 20 plus years. It was founded and is owned by Susana Euresti and Rene Euresti. Susana’s background is in financing and her second role is as the representative for Signature Photography Inc. She also manages many of the company’s accounts. Rene’s background is in marketing. He is in charge of marketing, helps with training, and account management. In 2000 they put their heads together and decided to create a business where they could both work and contribute.

Jen Charo is the third principle of Signature Photography Inc. Jen is the production manager, assists with account management, coordinates photoshoots, and, most importantly, strives to create creative portraits and social media content


We are San Antonio based. We have photographed families, taken on large corporate events, and also enjoy the intimate portrait session of a newborn. Over the past two decades we have learned to listen to the client and offer creative ideas that compliment their end goal

We also believe in giving back and have shared donations and offered commissions back approximately $750k to charities and local schools. We prefer to give back and make an impact with the younger members of our community.